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Jinri 1875w Travel Hair Dryer

The 1875w is the perfect tool for those who want to get the most out of their hair dryers. With its positive ionic technology andblow dryer, you'll have more than enough power to give your hair the treatment you need.

Jinri 1875w Travel Hair Dryer Amazon

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Best Jinri 1875w Travel Hair Dryer

This jinrijr-031 1875w travel hair dryer has afolding handle and is ceramic ionic mini blower. It is perfect for uses on airplanes, on the go or as a general hair dryer. the jinrijr-031 1875w travel hair dryer is a foldable handle tourmaline ceramic hair dryer that is perfect for on-the-go. This hair dryer has a travel size of 1 cup or 1 ml. The 1875w ismanufacturer's warranty and comes with a safetycoated housing. The jinrijr-031 1875w is sure to keep your locks looking good for years to come. The 1875w is made from ceramic ionic mini blower technology and features a mini air system that helps keep your hair dry and healthy. Thejinrijr-031 is available in black or white and is certified by lite. this 1875w travel hair dryer from jinri is perfect for those who love body wash and softeners. It's a negative ion hair dryer, which means it kills enemy hair dandruffchnempses with ease. The red 03021 model is perfect for anyone who wants the perfect temperature for their hair, and the dryer comes with a detachable travel head.